Ever wanted to delve into a world of zombies, reacting to every situation as if you were there? Feel the hairs at the back of neck raise, struggling to reload your weapon in time as the undead hordes approach. Do you want to experience your blood pressure rising and your heart pounding as you wander the halls of an abandoned asylum at night? Feel the fear increase as you explore, armed with only a torch while horrors hunt you in the dark.

How about feeling the power of being a wizard, wielding unbelievable magic in an arena? Fight other magic wielders and harness your power striving to become the victor. How about casting spells to help protect against incoming troll and orc hordes? Throw fireballs and lightning bolts to destroy your foes. Maybe you want to enter the world of Harry Potter, and experience meeting the Fantastic Beasts inside the suitcase?

Ever wanted to know what it is like to meet and repair BB8 and other droids, or pilot an X-Wing into battle? How about facing your worst fear, flying a wing-suit down a mountain, or trying to escape from a room set in a twisted nightmare?

How about being part of a group experience, working together to overcome obsticles, like disarming a bomb or helping somone escape a building by hacking the security?

Whatever your theme of event, we have a package just for you. We have Horror Experience Packages, Zombie Packages, Space & Sci-Fi packages, Magic Packages and much more. Check them out at the bottom of this page.


We offer a scalable model based around what you want, and we also provide an alternative to standard gaming. Our experience packages are just that. We offer the chance to feel like you are there. However this is not all we have, we also provide the ability to set up virtual escape room experiences with a selection of rooms and themes; we are capable of running escape parties, making things even more unique.

If you prefer to have something team based, we have an amazing six player single room experience. Have you ever wanted to be part of a group of bomb disposal experts? With your physical bomb manuals at hand, you all work together to advise how to defuse the bomb. As the guy with the bomb, you will be in a room in virtual reality, your job will be to explain what you see to the experts, so that you may be best advised how to defuse the bomb before the five min timer is up and you explode.

We can run up to four rooms of six players, each session lasting about half an hour, giving everyone a turn at defusing the bomb.



We are constantly increasing our arsenal of virtual devices to enable us to offer the best experiences to the largest number of people. We focus heavily on using Oculus Go, Oculus Quest and PSVR devices. We find these to be the best options for both portability and scalability. As we progressed we increased these devices in number; we can now offer three PSVR Units, six Oculus Go Units and Six Oculus Quest units, each for hire. With the Oculus Quest we can offer a fully immersive experience, freeing the user from any wires, allowing them to walk, run, crouch or jump in any direction in virtual space.

Portable HMDs require charging, so as to ensure they last your full event, we attach portable PowerBanks to the devices to keep them running. Please note that Oculus VR units are very susceptible to heat, and although we will do our best to minimise the down time, it is ultimately the responsibility of the organiser if our devices need extended cooling off periods due to being placed in hot rooms.


Weddings, Corporate Events, Schools, Birthday Parties and Conventions. We cater for any type of event, and can offer packages that are designed specifically around your needs. Are you wanting to throw a unique Halloween party? Our horror package is designed to put a fright into anyone who dares take part. Maybe your child is obsessed with Minecraft? How awesome would it be to see their face as they take their first fully immersed step into the virtual world? Getting married and want something unique to entertain your guests? How about a corporate team building package?

Whatever your needs, we can design and offer an experience that will excite, leaving fond memories and things to talk about well after we have gone.


Below is a list of our popular experience packages, click on them to find out more. If you want to hire a package just use the request form below, we are reasonably priced and can scale to most budgets. If you don't see a package you want, simply inform us about the type of event you are having and we will put together some besopke options for you.

Horror Experience Package

Escape Room Experience Package    

Puzzler Experience Package

Wizards & Magic Experience Package

Zombie Experience Package

Sci-Fi Experience Package


It is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure correct spacing for each booked unit is provided as follows :

-Oculus Quest units require a minimum of 7ft x 7ft per unit although larger is better as these units are best suited to a wide range of room-scale movements. We recommend at least 10ft x 10ft for a comfortable experience, but anything up to 25ft x 25ft is ideal.
These units are entirely free motion, but we will need a single table for all the units collectively for set-up.

-PSVR units require a minimum 10ft x 6ft space for standing games / 8ft x 4ft space for seated games. Each PSVR unit also needs a table and a chair.

-Oculus Go units require a minimum of 4ft x 4ft space per unit. We will need a single table for all the units collectively for set-up.

-Standard PS4 units require one 6ft x 2ft table (or larger) each, and four chairs.

-PS4 two player units require one table, and two chairs.

-Tablet Gaming requires one 6ft x 2ft table, and four chairs.



We are currently expanding our Virtual Reality range. We curently have six Oculus Quest units, six Oculus Go units and three PlayStationVR units.


As we become more popluar, our range of devices will increase. to hire us for your event. Click the image below to be taken to The Gaming Room page, and simply fill in the form at the bottom of the page.


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