Please read the following to ensure there are no issues on the day.

Tombolas, Raffles and Lucky Dips
Due to an over-saturation of tombolas, raffle, and lucky dip tables at conventions, we only allow a limited number of these types of tables. If you are wishing to run one of these at our events, please contact us via email at : before booking. If you attend one of our events with a tombola, lucky dip, or raffle and have not contacted us about it previously, you will be asked to remove it and no refund will be given for your table.

Non Attendance, Lateness and Cancellations
If you do not attend the event, or you cancel the event due to double booking or for personal reasons, no refund will be given, so please ensure you can make it before booking. If you arrive later than the allocated set-up time period stated in your set-up information email, you will not be allowed to trade and no refund will be given for your table, so please ensure you arrive within the allotted time.

Early Arrivals

If you arrive earlier than the allocated setup time and enter the venue expecting to setup, it will be assumed that you are there to help with table layout. Either stay in your vehicle or we will consider it your good will, and you will be asked to move tables and chairs in preperation for the event. If you refuse to chip in during this time, we will eject you from the building with all your stock. Show some consideration, either chip in or wait until it is ready for setup.

Table Transference and Unauthorised Stall Holders
Tables are non-transferable. Please ensure that the name given on your booking form will be the person attending the event (with assistants if required.) If there is a change of circumstance and you need to send someone in your place (a relative or an employee for example), please inform Savage Beast Events prior to the event. Anyone attending the event without pre-authorisation to run your table will not be allowed to trade and no refund will be given, as we will treat this as a non-attendance of the booker.

Requirements and Special Needs
When filling in the booking form we have a section called 'Additional Requirements'. In this section you can make requests e.g. requesting a power supply, requesting a wall position, requesting a table in a room with a high ceiling etc. Wherever possible we will try our best to accommodate your requests (but please bear in mind our main halls are always first come first serve, and side-rooms may have lower ceilings).
This ‘Additional Requirements’ section is to also cover more important things, for example, if you are wheelchair bound and need a lift, or if you can't travel up stairs etc. As there may be venues where there are no lifts for certain floors, it is vital that any mobility requirements are covered before the event to ensure you are placed in a position which can suit your needs.
There are no table refunds if you find your table is not in a suitable position, but you failed to tell us your requirements prior to the event.

Advertisements and Flyer Distribution
Traders are not allowed to advertise or distribute flyers/leaflets for other conventions, events or any third-party business without prior permission from Savage Beast Events. To ensure this is allowed, simply contact us prior to the event, and if agreed we will then inform our staff.

Backing Spaces and Tables
Most of our events do not have the option of backing tables, and this is due to space restraints and health & safety. If we allow backing tables then we offer this paid option on the form. If you bring your own backing table to an event that does not allow backing tables, or you bring a backing table without paying for a backing space, you will be asked to remove it.

Trader set-up information will be sent out approximately two weeks prior to the event. It will also be posted on our Facebook traders group. This will include details of parking, set-up times, directions wherever possible, and any further information specific to the event.

Your PayPal receipt is confirmation that you are booked in. All traders are announced in the run-up to a convention on the event page, our Savage Beast Events page, and our Savage Beast Events Group.

Thank you for booking - we look forward to seeing you!


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