Hello and welcome inmates and geeks of all kinds. So you are a comic con goer, and you are used to seeing comic and film guests, displays and geeky traders listed as part of the convention. So what makes us different to other events except for the fact that we don't have guest actors?

What we save on guests (which, lets face it, you can see at many other cons around the UK), we make up for in entertainment and interactivity. We focus on giving you a show, a geeky themed show, an interactive show, an interactive experience. Have you ever wanted to see a geeky themed hypnotist show, or better yet BE hypnotised? Have you wanted to see mind-bending magic from a close up magician who mingles with the crowd? Or have you fancied taking up a lightsaber and training with a Jedi master?

How about meeting some pirates and actually being able to have a go a flying their parrots? Or watching a comedy party magician get things wrong on stage? Maybe have a world record balloon modeller make you a balloon Spiderman, Batman or Deadpool? What about those of you with an interest in the occult - does a talk by a paranormal investigation team take your fancy? They’re real life ghostbusters!

Or are you a Ready Player One kind of geek? Try out our free to play VR suite filled with HTC Vives and PSVR systems, or try our experiences on our fantastic Oculus head-sets. Have you wanted to ever have a go at a creepy Alice in Wonderland escape room, or escape from a prison cell, or even have to escape the room and find the clues before a kidnapper come to finish the job?

​How about facing your worst fear? Or having to defuse a bomb with help from your colleagues over a radio, as they check the bomb manuals to see if you can do it in time?

How about being in the cockpit of an X-Wing, taking on a Super Star Destroyer? Or being in the droid repair bay, fixing droids as they come in for repairs?

Ever wanted to know what it is like to hurtle down a mountain range in a wing-suit? Or blast your friends to bits with wands in a magical arena?

We still have all the latest static displays you love at conventions - aliens scenes, Marvel / DC scenes, Star Wars scenes, replica cars, and so on, but our main focus is interactivity so that people who come really feel involved in the event.

We are Savage Beast Events, we do things differently here!



Please bring a copy of your PayPal receipt when collecting your tickets.



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