You love attending comic conventions.

You love the cosplay, the film replica displays, the competitions, the gaming, the guests, the costumers, the on-stage entertainment.

What’s more, you love the atmosphere. You love being around like-minded geeks. You love embracing your favourite fandoms and having a super fun day.

It has never been a better time to be geeky. With so many comic conventions, superhero and sci-fi movies, and comic book shops available, it’s truly a time to delve into the genres that you love and really live your best life.

But what about if you can’t afford to be a geek? What if you can barely afford food, let alone have the ability to buy a comic con ticket?
What if you’ve got kids, and like all kids they worship their geeky heroes. Spiderman. Batman. Luke Skywalker. Harry Potter. They beg to be able to go to a comic con. “Please mum, please dad,” they say, looking up with eager eyes.
Sadly you shake your head. You’d love to take them, but you can’t. You have to buy milk and that’s going to take the last of your money.

This is the awful reality for many people.

Government records show that over 4 million children in the UK were living in relative poverty in 2018. According to February 2019 figures from the Resolution Foundation, the number of children living in relative poverty is on course to hit 37%.

That’s more than a third of children in this country. For a first world country, these figures are appalling. These children are going to school hungry, having to go without a proper winter coat, or living in squalor.

Food banks give a small life-line to families who cannot afford to put food on the table, but a life without joy and fun and something to look forward to is just an existence; it’s not really living.

YOU have the opportunity to put a little brightness back into the lives of some of these families. You can help children to meet their heroes. You can bring the geekiness to people who couldn’t even dream of being able to attend comic conventions.


Well we’re launching our Geeky Acts of Kindness scheme (that’s G.A.K. for short.) On our website you now have the ability to donate some money to G.A.K. fund. 100% of this money donated (after PayPal fees) will go towards providing Savage Beast Events Comic Con and Mines and Monsters tickets to people who cannot afford to buy them, so that families below the breadline can have something to look forward to.

For every £1 donated, we at Savage Beast Events will add 10p to the fund.

In addition, in conjunction with The Geek Asylum, Facebook’s largest UK based geeky group, any family in receipt of donated tickets will be granted a free turn at their charity tombola during the event for any under 16s in their attending party.

You have the power, and remember - with great power comes great responsibility.

Be someone’s superhero. Thank you for your kindness.



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