Q) Can I pay on the door or do I have to book wristbands in advance?
A) All of our events have the option to either book in advance, or pay on the door.

Q) When is the cut off for booking wristbands in advance online?
A) The cut off for booking wristbands in advance is always by 11am on the Wednesday prior to the event.

Q) Can I book wristbands in advance in person rather than online?
A) Some of our events have the option to purchase wristbands directly from the venue, but some do not. Please check the Facebook page or website page for the specific event you are interested in.

Q) Do all of your events have guest actors?
A) Our Comic Cons do, our Mines and Monsters do not.

Q) How much is entry to your events?
A) Please check the website ticket page for the specific event you are interested in.
Q) What advantage is booking a Fast Track wristband?
A) Fast Track wristbands enable you to jump the queue. You can simply walk straight past everybody queuing, show your wristband to the staff member on the door, and go directly inside. You also get priority to be inside the building if the venue reaches full capacity at any point during the day.

Q) Can I have a receipt for my online purchase?
A) Your PayPal receipt is a valid receipt.

Q) I don’t have PayPal, how can I make an online booking?
A) PayPal enables people to make purchases even if they do not have a PayPal account. You just need a debit card.

Q) Are all the attractions included in the entry price?
A) Most, but not everything. Lightsaber Training, Wand School, Zorbing, Face Painting, and The Shooting Range will incur additional costs (please note not all of these attractions are available at every event.)

Q) Do your event have car parks?
A) Please check the Facebook event page for the specific event you are interested in. The FAQ with details of parking will be pinned to the top of the Facebook event page approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the event.

Q) Do you accept cards at the event?
A) We do not take cards on the door. Cash only. Most traders will also only take cash. Please note we are not accepting Scottish notes due to increased forgeries. Correct change on the door is always very welcome.

Q) Do all of your events have cosplay competitions?
A) Yes. The Comic Cons have categories for both adults and children. The Mines and Monsters just have an under 16s cosplay competition.

Q) I don’t want to enter a competition, but can I still come in cosplay?
A) Yes of course! Although cosplay is not essential for attending our events, we love to see people in costumes!

Q) Are all of your venues wheelchair accessible?
A) Yes. Most are on the ground floor, and others have use of a lift.

Q) Can I bring my pet with me?
A) Only assistance dogs are permitted.

Q) Can I use a changing room?
A) Only officially booked costuming groups and specific individuals (e.g. the Lightsaber Training / Wand School instructors) are allowed to use the changing rooms. They are not accessible to the general public.

Q) Do you have cloakrooms?
A) Sorry we have no cloakroom facilities for you to leave coats or bags.

Q) I’d like to trade at your event. How can I book a table?
A) For all trader enquiries, please email : or fill out the Trader Contact Form on this website.

Q) Do you do concessions?
A) There are no concessions for carers, disabled, or OAPs

Q) Can I bring a bag with me?
A) Bags may be subject to random searches. Please do not bring very large bags or holdalls.

Q) Can I bring a prop weapon as part of my cosplay?
A) No real weapons (or items that can be used as weapons) are allowed, including knives and wooden baseball bats. Foam props are fine.

Q) Do your venues have cash machines?
A) At present none of our events are at venues with cash machines.

Q) I’ve paid for Fast Track. What will I receive and how will it be sent?
A) You will receive wristbands through the post. These will be sent via First Class Signed For Delivery. This means that they are trackable, and they will require a signature upon arrival. If nobody is home to sign for them, please keep an eye out for a red card through your door. It is your responsibility to retrieve your delivery from the delivery office if you receive a red card, or to rearrange re-delivery. Please put on your wristbands prior to arrival at the venue, and keep them on all day.

Q) Why haven’t my wristbands haven’t arrived yet?
A) All Early Bird Wristbands have until 2 days prior to the event to arrive. Please do not contact us before that unless you desperately want them to arrive by a certain date to be given as a Christmas / Birthday (etc.) present to someone - in which case we will try to be accommodating to get the tickets to you before the special day.
Generally we do not send wristbands out more than 2 months prior to an event unless specifically requested to do so.

Q) It’s very close to the event date and my tickets still haven’t arrived. What do I do?
A) If you have not received your wristbands by 2 days prior to the event, please contact us via email on or telephone 07510551291 (lines are open 9am-5pm)

All missing wristbands MUST be reported by not later than 10pm 2 days prior to the event so that we can track them. So if an event takes place on a Saturday, you have until 10pm Thursday to let us know your wristbands haven’t arrived. If an event takes place on a Sunday, you have until 10pm Friday to let us know your wristbands haven’t arrived.

Q) If my wristbands didn’t show up, and I didn’t report them to you as not having arrived, can I still get into the event via Fast Track if I bring a PayPal receipt?
A) No. You must contact us to let us know they didn’t arrive in the post. We will not accept PayPal receipts on the door. If you arrive without any wristbands and you did not contact us to let us know that your wristbands didn’t arrive, you will have to queue and purchase more wristbands on the door.

Q) The envelope arrived at my door in badly damaged condition / opened. Should I still sign for it?
A) No. Someone may have removed the wristbands. Refuse to sign for it and ask for it to be returned to sender. Then contact us immediately at or telephone 07510551291 to let us know. We will not issue a refund or replacement for missing

if you have accepted a damaged or opened envelope.

Q) I've lost my wristband. Can I have another one?
A) As with all purchases, you are responsible for your wristbands once they have arrived safely with you. We will not replace wristbands you have lost, or issue refunds if you have lost your wristband. Please make sure you keep your wristbands in a safe place.

Q) Something has come up and I can’t make it to the event after all. Can I have a refund?
A) Wristbands are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled, the date is changed, or the location is changed.

Q) One of your special guests / attractions have cancelled. I don’t want to attend now. Can I have a refund?
A) We will always endeavour to book an alternative guest or attraction whenever possible in the event of a cancellation to any original bookings. Wristband purchases are not dependant on specific guests or attractions, and are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled, the date is changed, or the location is changed.

Q) Can I get a refund on my lightsaber training / wand school booking?
A) Lightsaber training or wand school bookings are non-refundable unless the class is cancelled.

Q) Can I take photographs or film the event?
A) Yes that’s absolutely fine. In fact it’s encouraged! Group shots, photographs of the on-stage activities, etc. are all perfectly acceptable.
If you want to take a photograph of a specific person’s individual cosplay it’s considered polite to ask their permission. Most people are happy to pose for photos and love to be asked.
Guest actors will usually charge for selfies. For individual prices please check the Facebook event page for the specific event you are interested in. The FAQ with details of parking will be pinned to the top of the Facebook event page approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the event.

Q) Where can I post my photos of the event afterwards?
A) We’d love to see your photos! Please post them to :

Q) What is your policy on refusal of entry?
A) Purchase of a wristband is not a guarantee of entry, and we reserve the right to refuse entry or to remove someone from the event who is rude or abusive, anybody under the influence of drugs or excessive quantities of alcohol, anybody who is partaking in inappropriate, dangerous, or unsuitable behaviour, anyone who is wearing a non family friendly costume, anyone with a banned weapon, and anybody who has previously been refused entry to a Savage Beast Events convention. This list is not extensive. No refunds will be given if you are refused entry or removed from the event.


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