Savage Beast Events started life in November 2011 when Natalie Gosney sat down to write a book. This was the start of The Wolf Born Saga, a series of books based on Native American legends about werewolves, skinwalkers, wendigos, and witches. The first book, Wolf Born, was published primarily as an e-book in 2012, and later in 2014 it was publicised as a paperback novel. With The Wolf Born Saga, the familiar “claw scratch” logo which is now synonymous with Savage Beast Events was created.

In April 2015, Natalie was invited to be a guest author at Yorkshire Cosplay Con 7 in Sheffield, which was her first experience of attending a comic con. In May 2015 the second book Wolf Witch was released in both e-book and paperback formats. By the end of 2015 Natalie had attended 21 events and was fast becoming known on the comic con circuit.

In January 2016, a prequel to the Wolf Born Saga was released, with the title of Bakwas. Natalie continued to take her books to comic cons and was steadily increasing her reader audience. After having attended a total of 51 events and now with a solid knowledge of how the world of conventions works, Natalie made the decision to organise her first event, and thus began Savage Beast Events, so named as a nod to The Wolf Born Saga.

31st August 2016 saw the birth of Mines and Monsters, a small event for children and families with a Minecraft and general comic con theme. The first Mines and Monsters was held in Wath-upon-Dearne and was well received. This was followed by another Mines and Monsters in Eastrington, where again it proved to be a big hit with children in particular.

Following a third Mines and Monsters in Pateley Bridge in January, the first full sized comic con event for Savage Beast Events was Keighley Comic Con in March, and brought guest actors such as the seventh Doctor from the hit British TV series Doctor Who to West Yorkshire.

Brighouse Comic Con, Pixels and Prizes (a small gaming convention), Castleford Comic Con, Pudsey Comic Con, and the second Wath Mines and Monsters also took place during 2017, and Savage Beast Events grew in popularity.

A side-effect of Pixels and Prizes was the start of The Gaming Room and Virtual Experiences, a subsidiary of Savage Beast Events which aims to bring PS4 and Virtual Reality experiences to events.

The attractions and displays increased in 2018 for Savage Beast Events with the introduction of new stage acts such as hypnotists, stage magicians, parrot/ owl interactive flying displays, and more. The aim was to bring something different to comic con goers that they may not have seen at other events. There was a large focus on increasing the diversity of on-stage performances, and bringing high quality entertainment for a low entry price to the general public.

Melton Mowbray, Barnsley, Selby and Stocksbridge were new areas for Savage Beast Events this year, and Minecraft still remains a staple popular theme for the smaller conventions.

The Gaming Room gained in popularity through 2018, and Virtual Experiences have proved a big hit at events by other organisers.

Savage Beast Events has made the decision to focus primarily on their flagship events Mines and Monsters, Keighley Comic Con and Melton Mowbray Comic Con for 2019, with other conventions in other locations being reduced in order to focus all attention on the most highly demanded events.

Virtual Experiences is increasing its number of VR units and experiences that are on offer for hire for 2019.

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Savage Beast Events is committed to bringing high quality low cost family friendly events for all ages to enjoy.

For more information about Keighley Comic Con, Melton Mowbray Comic Con, Mines and Monsters events, Virtual Experiences, and The Gaming Room, please use the tabs above.


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